Prime TMS

(Lawrence, KS. 2020)

    As part of the marketing team at Prime TMS, it is my job to create inspirational and informational graphics that not only promote the company, but positive mental health, These are utilized on Facebook and Instagram to create brand awareness and put a little positivity in people's feed.

Sunflower Publishing 

(Lawrence, KS. 2020)

    These illustrations were created for publications through Sunflower Publishing. These publications include  the Best of Lawrence 2020 magazine, KANSAS! Magazine, and Topeka Magazine. All of these projects were contracted work working closely with their Art Director and Editors.

Anthropologie Visual Display 

(The Plaza, Kansas City, MO. 2017)

    Working with company provided designs, I was involved in the process of translating the designs to fit the store space. This was a hands-on internship and required involvement in all stages of production, from careful planning to the final execution. In being responsible for the overall process and realization of the in-store display installations I worked closely with the Anthropologie’s Display Manager. This included constant communication and teamwork to bring the final designs to life within the store.

Family Practice OpEd

Family Practice Magazine 

(Lawrence, KS. 2017)

    This OpEd Illustration was created for an article revolving around ethics for a medical publication based in Lawrence, KS. Specifically focusing on where the line is drawn for seeking medical help at home from a friend or family member that works in the field. 

Fabulux Media, LLC 

(Lawrence, KS. 2019)

Reestablishing their presence as a new entity, this media company needed a logo to drive their brand aesthetic company wide. As an all encompassing digital media and marketing company, the founder and CEO wanted their logo to reflect the product they deliver to clients. This meant focusing on their clean and minimal design philosophy, and most importantly visually communicate the their company slogan 'Story Through Light'. I worked closely with this client to create and collaborate on the final product.

Fabulux Media Logo
Elite Cleaning LLC CMYK

Elite Cleaning, LLC 

(Lawrence, KS. 2019)

Elite Cleaning LLC needed to focus on a streamline logo design to be able to establish a consistent brand for their already booming local business. The owner wanted the logo to reflect her core values; respect, family, local, and honest. She wanted to keep the design simple yet sophisticated and I wanted to utilize her heritage by using traditional Spanish tile designs with a new modern twist.